In Digestive Relief for Life: The secret of the gut-brain connection, Dr. Sasha Rose discusses how our mental/emotional state directly impacts our digestive health–and vice versa! In addition she gives simple tools and suggestions for what you can do to cure a variety of digestive complaints including heartburn, constipation, IBS and abdominal bloating. Included are natural alternatives to common medications like laxatives and ant-acids.

Since it’s publication this book has helped hundreds of people find relief from persistent digestive symptoms as well as generalized stress and anxiety.

Digestive Relief for Life: The secret of the gut-brain connection is currently available for purchase at Wildwood Medicine. Please call or email if you would like to purchase a copy. Please sign up for email alerts to be notified when the website store is operating and products, including the book, can be purchased on line.

My IBS symptoms were much worse when I felt anxious about not making it to the bathroom in time. But even when I was relaxing I still suffered sudden, urgent loose stools and painful abdominal cramping. I tried Immodium, but then that caused constipation and I had to use laxatives. It’s a terrible cycle. But Dr. Rose’s natural treatment plan helped me get to the bottom of it. Today, my diarrhea has improved so much. It is less frequent and far less urgent.

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