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Why You Are Reading This . . .

Are you among the one in four Americans who organizes life around your heartburn, stomach cramps and/or trips to the bathroom?

Do you dread long meetings, decline dinner invitations or choose not to travel because you can’t predict how your digestive system will behave?

Have you turned into that person who knows exactly where the restrooms are in every building, mall and store you visit?

If so, I’m sorry that your digestive problems have gotten so bad – but I am also glad that you’ve decided to find this website, because your life is about to change for the better. As a naturopathic physician, my specialty is helping people figure out what their bodies need to function better (hint: it’s not usually medication). My goal is to help you learn what steps you can take to improve your digestion so that you can feel really good again.

In upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing some important (and surprising) facts about your digestive system – for example, why you feel bloated for hours after eating a steak dinner and the reason why your stomach is more prone to growl in a business meeting than when you are sitting alone at your desk.

Helping Your Body Heal Itself

As a naturopathic physician, I’ve been trained to utilize effective techniques from both ancient and modern medicine to help people live comfortably and well in our challenging times. With the way most of us are living today, stress attacks our well-being from many different directions. We’re always on the go, ever connected and on call…we’re living at such a fast pace it’s truly difficult to feel calm and in control. But if you want to feel good, it’s not enough to just eat healthfully and exercise regularly (although those are important too)-stress management is critical too. The good news is that our bodies and minds are naturally equipped with tools that help us maintain our equilibrium even in difficult times- but few of us are familiar with what these natural tools are or how to use them effectively. I’ve learned from my patients that one of the most valuable things I can do is help them understand how to tune in and listen to what their bodies are telling them they need. As you do this, you will see that when you begin to honor both your mind and body and treat yourself and your needs with respect, your body will be able to utilize its own natural resources to heal. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in how you feel

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My whole life I’ve suffered from painful gas and bloating after meals. I felt tired and sluggish almost every day. Then I met Dr. Rose. She recommended her PDA diet. After two days on the diet, my gas and bloating were so much better. After one week, my belly felt better than it had my entire life! What’s more, Dr. Rose helped me uncover that I’m sensitive to wheat and milk. She also prescribed a simple treatment that helps.

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