In Person Consultations

An initial naturopathic consultation consists of Dr. Sasha reviewing your primary concern(s), the history and duration of the concern and what your goals are with the visit. She will take an extensive health history which includes medications and supplements you may be taking and reviewing any recent bloodwork you may have had done with a local provider.

Based on her clinical experience with hundreds of patients she may make suggestions for further testing and/or will make suggestions for a treatment plan. This may include dietary changes, stress management or exercises, or herbal or nutraceutical supplements.

Follow up consultations often occur 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation which gives you time to implement the changes. Dr. Sasha is available through the Patient Portal for communication during this time.

For in-person appointments at Wildwood Health Clinic in Falmouth, ME, please call the office directly: 207.347.7132

E-mail sent over the Internet is not secure and should not be used to communicate confidential health or other personal information. Please be aware that although we will not share your information without your permission, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of any information you send to us over the Internet when using this form or e-mail. We shall not be liable for any breach of confidentiality resulting from such use of e-mail via the Internet. We will never share, trade, or sell any contact information we receive via e-mail.

My IBS symptoms were much worse when I felt anxious about not making it to the bathroom in time. But even when I was relaxing I still suffered sudden, urgent loose stools and painful abdominal cramping. I tried Immodium, but then that caused constipation and I had to use laxatives. It’s a terrible cycle. But Dr. Rose’s natural treatment plan helped me get to the bottom of it. Today, my diarrhea has improved so much. It is less frequent and far less urgent.

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